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4 Stocks Offering Texas-Sized Opportunities for Investors

Shares of J.C. Penney have surged over 50% this year as the retailer has gone from death's door to Wall Street's darling.
Look 10 Years Younger by This Weekend

Want to shave a decade off your appearance? Steal these look-younger tips that don't involve knives, needles or wrinkle creams
How Close Are We to Biometric Credit Cards? Closer Than You Think, Whether You Want Them or Not

Fingerprint-based credit cards have long been part of the “future” discussion of financial payments. But is that future right now?
6 Tips for Hydrated, Radiant Skin This Winter

Banish dry, ashy skin when the weather gets frightful with these hydrating tips
Jim Cramer's 'Mad Money' Recap: We've Come a Long Way From Last Year

A year ago the market was in a massive tailspin. It survived and has been going up ever since, Cramer says.
12 Best Films of the 21st Century

BBC set out to find the best films of the 21st century by polling 177 critics around the world. They've decided that David Lynch's 2001 film Mulholland Drive is the one most likely to end up a classic, as it sits atop the list of 100. The top 12: Mulholland...
Demi Lovato Accused of Stealing Song

Demi Lovato has been officially accused of stealing a song. The indie duo Sleigh Bells first accused Lovato more than nine months ago of ripping off parts of its 2010 song, "Infinity Guitars," in her "Stars." But now the band has filed a federal complaint about the matter, the Los...
Parental money to Adult Children: Do Loans Work Better Than Gifts?

Those who want to help their adult offspring financially have a choice to make – loan or gift?
Where Does It Make the Most Sense to Raise Your Home Insurance Deductible?

Raising your homeowners insurance deductible will save you money in the short term, but it's a more lucrative proposition in some states than others.
What a 50-Year Low in Homeownership Means for American Buyers

America homeownership is bouncing along the bottom at a five-decade low. But will new buyers fill the hole anytime soon?
The world's 10 youngest billionaires

They're millennials, all under 35, and they have already amassed fantastic fortunes.
What 8 classic 'Star Wars' stars are worth

As fans mourn for Kenny "R2-D2" Baker, we check in on his fellow "Star Wars" alums.
How Did Peter Thiel Get Rich?

Peter Thiel is a technology entrepreneur and venture capitalist based in San Francisco, and has an estimated net worth of $2.7 billion.
These Stocks Poised For Upside After a Pullback

Amidst an uptrend, these stocks are flashing buy signals following a recent pullback.
Amber Heard Gives Full Divorce Settlement to Charity

The Amber Heard-Johnny Depp divorce saga has ended with a peaceful settlement and a stinging retort to those who accused Heard of being after Depp's money. Heard announced Thursday that she is giving the entire $7 million settlement to charity, People reports. "As described in the restraining order and divorce...
Fitbit, GoPro Can Thank Best Buy for Stock Pops

Big box and online retailer Best Buy (NYSE: BBY) announced a surprisingly strong second-quarter of fiscal 2017 early on Tuesday, led by news that its domestic comparable-store sales -- a key metric for retailers -- climbed 0.8% year over year. Analysts were expecting flat comps, at best.
Classmates Say Serial Witness Said She Would Lie

An alibi witness for a man whose murder conviction was re-examined in the popular Serial podcast told two classmates more than 16 years ago she would lie to help him, the Maryland attorney general's office wrote in court filings Monday. Officials wrote that two sisters who were classmates of the...
Can Thongs Cause UTIs and Yeast Infections?

Some women notice an increase in infections when they wear these undies.
House-rich senior denied credit for home repairs

If you lack funds to repair your home, you still have at least 5 options.
The 5 worst cities for underwater homes

One state's cities dominate for homes worth less than what's owed. Is it your state?
How to Run Faster With Strides 

Hey runner, are you doing strides?
10 things that are disappearing from your bank

Technology is transforming banking, and in the process we're losing these features.?
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Tesla Hits a 'Profound Milestone'
Tesla on Tuesday introduced a car battery that's being hailed for two reasons: Its ability to power an electric vehicle 315 miles on one charge, and the fact that it makes a four-door sedan the fastest accelerating production car (with an *; more on that below). The Wall Street Journal... More >
Latest News
Trooper Kills Deaf Man After 7-Mile Chase
A family is left searching for answers after a deaf man was shot and killed by a North Carolina state trooper last week, CNN reports. Daniel Harris, 29, was driving on the interstate near Charlotte when a trooper attempted to pull him over Thursday. Harris didn't stop, and the trooper... More >
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