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Jim Cramer: Why FireEyes Losses Are Actually a Good Sign

Everyone needs security and everyone needs FireEye, says Cramer.
7 Beauty Related Lawsuits You Have to Read to Believe

Did these cosmetic cases have a place in court? You be the judge
10 Craft Beers Brewed for Kicking Off Summer

Seasonal beers are a growing portion of craft brewers' beer portfolios. Summer's peak beer-drinking season is prime time for certain styles.
8 Ways to Prevent (and Treat) Old Lady Hands

Get the upper hand on aging with these expert tips
New York & Company and Micron Technologies: Doug Kass' Views

Bret Jensen, filling in for Doug Kass, shares his views on a potential Microsoft and Salesforce tie-up, a Micron Technologies upgrade, and New York & Company's potential turnaround.
Anne Meara Dead at 85

Comedian and actress Anne Meara, whose career took off with husband Jerry Stiller and thrived in its own right for decades, died yesterday at age 85, the AP reports. The family gave no further details. Meara and her husband made waves appearing as Stiller & Meara on programs including the...
Federer Fumes as Selfie-Seeker Storms Court

Roger Federer is fuming that a kid got on center court to snap selfies with him at the French Open and is demanding better security. "This should never happen on the Philippe Chatrier court," the 2009 French Open champion said. "I'm not happy about it. Obviously not one second I'm...
Your Bad Credit Is Costing You Big Money When It Comes to Your Insurance

Did you know that your credit score also impacts what you pay for insurance?
Not All Millennials Are Guilty Of Bolting When Bored On The Job

The number one driving force in the workplace for younger workers is meaningful work.
There's No Such Thing as a Discount Auto Lease

No matter how many domestic automakers embrace leasing or how many subcompacts and small SUVs are available for lease, yours simply won't be approved without good credit.
48-year-old has just $6K for retirement

If you've failed to save enough for retirement, don't keep making the same mistake.
How one bank account can do it all

Score higher rates with high-yield checking, and you won't need a savings account.
Which stocks in the wholesale sector pay the highest dividends?

Learn which wholesale sector firms pay the highest dividends and why investors analyze companies' financial health when dividend investing.
Understanding Open-End Funds

An open-end fund is a type of mutual fund that does not limit the amount of shares it issues, but issues as many shares as investors are willing to buy.
Tomorrowland Ekes Out $32.2M WinBarely

The "beautiful, flawed adventure" that is Tomorrowland eked out a win at this weekend's box office, but only just: The George Clooney tentpole pulled down $32.2 million, notes the Hollywood Reporter , well below expectations that had soared as high as $50 million. It narrowly beat out Pitch Perfect 2's...
What is the criteria for a simple random sample?

Discover the criterion for taking a simple random sample, in contrast to a systematic random sample, each person selected must be chosen without any bias.
Arkansas Cops Shred Duggar's Police Record

Arkansas cops destroyed Josh Duggar's police file last week, but an online copy is revealing details of his alleged sexual crimes . A judge ordered police to erase the records amid allegations that the reality TV star on 19 Kids and Counting had molested five underage girls as a teenager, the...
Why This Summer May Be The Worst For Allergy Sufferers

A "pollen tsunami" is hitting the U.S. and giving folks strong allergic reactions, but what's the cause?
Where will mortgage rates head next week?

Mortgage experts predict what will happen to rates over the next week -- and why.
Top savings strategies for every age group

Everyone needs an emergency fund. Find the best way to save at your age.
4 Ways to Eat More and Still Lose Weight

No need to go hungry if you're slimming down—use this trendy tactic and enjoy full plates.
5 tricks to sweeten savings a little at a time

Building savings incrementally can have a snowball effect. Here's how to get rolling.
Bye-Bye, Belly

Check out these 50 tummy-shrinking tips—including some quick fixes for fitting into those skinny jeans tonight.
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'40-Some Pound' Anorexic Woman Tells Her Story
Rachael Farrokh's 10-year struggle with anorexia has reached its breaking point—which is why the 37-year-old decided to tell her story to ABC News . "I want other anorexics to hear this," she says. "This is miserable. Everything hurts from my head down to my toes." In a YouTube video she... More >
Latest News
In a Small Dutch Village, Our Dead Soldiers Are Loved
As many lay wreaths and place flowers at the graves of fallen soldiers this Memorial Day weekend, the Washington Post takes readers to a cemetery far beyond our borders: one in the Dutch village of Margraten, the only American military cemetery in the Netherlands, per the American Battle Monuments Commission... More >
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