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Stocks Claw Back From Depth of Brexit Despair

Wall Street stepped back from the cliff on Tuesday after two days of Brexit panic.
9 Highlighters for a Next-Level Summer Glow

These dewy products are here to replace your contour powders and creams
Coding Boot Camps Showing Significant Growth in 2016

13-week programs look to leverage skills based knowledge and tout workplace outcomes.
11 Ways to Wear Fall's Red Hot Hue

From lip colors to accessories, these are the burgundy pieces you should add to your arsenal
Analyst Sees Powder Keg With Projected Apple 'Super Cycle'

The portion of total active iPhones that are more than two years old is 33%, and could jump to 43% over the next four to five quarters.
Lindsay Lohan Live-Tweets Brexit Vote

Lindsay LohanBritish politics junkie? Lohanor somebody using her Twitter account delivered some surprisingly in-depth and passionate commentary Thursday night (commentary that had been scrubbed by Friday morning) as the results from the UK's "Brexit" referendum came in. She praised people in the Shetland Islands and London for voting...
Independence Day Fizzles

The tidal wave of Finding Dory overwhelmed the sputtering sequel Independence Day: Resurgence, whose weekend debut was drowned out by the popular Pixar release in North American theaters, reports the AP . In its second week, Finding Dory easily remained on top with an estimated $73.2 million, according to studio...
Why Freelancing Is on the Rise

As more people seek flexible work hours and employers seek to save on benefit costs, it comes as no surprise the so-called 'gig economy' shows no signs of slowing down.
Obamacare Repeal: Here's the Most Important Bullet Point in House Republicans' Health Care Plan

High-risk pools are the latest in the long-running game of three-card monte that is a Republican health care plan.
Toxic Twins: How to Battle Combined Credit Card and Student Loan Debt

Having high student loan debt is bad enough, without adding enormous credit card debt.
How Google co-founder Sergey Brin built his fortune

Want to read more about this tech giant's wealth? Just Google it.
How can I deduct my home equity line of credit?

Whether or not you can deduct the interest on home equity depends on several factors.
Donald Trump for President: What Are the Chances?

The success of Donald Trump's outsider candidacy has shaken the Republican party to its core.
If C&I Credits Are Worsening, Are U.S. Banks Still Solid? (BAC, XLF)

Learn about trends in commercial and industrial loan portfolios at big banks and why increases in nonperforming loans might be a harbinger of economic problems.
Jury: Led Zeppelin Didn't Steal 'Stairway to Heaven' Riff

Led Zeppelin was found innocent of stealing the opening riff to "Stairway to Heaven"frankly one of the least scandalous things the band has ever been accused ofThursday in Los Angeles, the Guardian reports. Jimmy Page and Robert Plant were sued by the estate of Randy Wolfe, which claimed...
Cabela's May Be Getting Ready to Sell Its Bank

The possibility of a buyout of Cabela's (NYSE: CAB) has been the subject of a lot of speculation since private equity firm Elliott Management disclosed an 11% stake in the sporting goods retailer, and was said to be pushing for significant changes to be made in the business.
No New Evidence Against Clinton in Final Benghazi Report

The Republican-led House Benghazi committee released its final report Tuesday after two years of investigations. The 800-page report lays out the committee's findings on the 2012 attacks in Libya that left four Americans dead. Here's what you need to know:
Learning Something New? Exercising Could Boost Memory

Here's yet another reason to hit the gym.
Find out whether you should trust products that claim to improve gas mileage.

Find out whether you should trust products that claim to improve gas mileage.
See Elon Musk's stratospheric net worth

The entrepreneur is known for his involvement with PayPal, SpaceX and Tesla Motors.
Getting a VA loan for a short sale

Getting a VA loan may not be the easiest way for a veteran to buy a short sale, but it can be done.
Are You Too Hard on Yourself? This Study Explains Why

Your inner critic may need a reality check.
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2 Moms, 4 Kids Killed After Pulling Over on Shoulder
A fiery minivan wreck killed two mothers and their four children early Tuesday on a highway in northern Los Angeles County, authorities said. Two men were injured trying to save their families on Interstate 5, about 65 miles north of downtown Los Angeles, the AP reports. The minivan got in... More >
Latest News
Student Who Left Baby to Die in Sorority Trash Gets Life
A former Ohio college student who gave birth in April 2015 and then left her daughter in a trash bag outside her on-campus sorority house to die was sentenced to life in prison without parole Monday. "I stand before you a broken-down woman, asking for forgiveness and mercy," Emile Weaver,... More >
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