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Big Brother 18: Who Returned to the Game?

Big Brother 18 | Photo Credits: Johnny Vy, CBS

Just when they thought they were out, they Battle Back-ed in.

Victor returned to Big Brother 18 after winning the first-ever Battle Back competition on Friday's episode, defeating Tiffany in the final round.

In the Redemption Island/Last Chance Kitchen-style twist, with the exception of the last round, the evicted houseguests battled head-to-head in versions of the Head of Household competitions that were held after their respective evictions (genius way to save time and money by production). Jozea topped Glenn in the first round. Victor then beat Jozea, before taking down Bronte.

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Victor will compete for HOH with the rest of the houseguests, which should be very interesting now that the teams and the Road Kill twists have been dissolved.

Victor told after his eviction that he would "go in Rambo" if he returned, and he certainly has the ammunition after Tiffany advised him to trust Frank and not to trust Da'Vonne.

"While I was in there originally, I tried not to ruffle feathers," he said at the time. "What I know now, being evicted 9-1, I'd go back with no filter and not try to be nice to everyone. I'd go in Rambo."

As if Victor's return wasn't enough, Julie Chen dropped another case of "expect the unexpected" at the end of the episode: There are clues in the house that will unlock a secret room. If a houseguest figures it out, they will gain a new power. There will be more details on Sunday's episode.

Big Brother
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The First American Gods Trailer Backs Up the Hype

Ricky Whittle, American Gods | Photo Credits: Starz

Starz unveiled a trailer for its highly anticipated series American Gods at Comic-Con on Friday.

The clip takes viewers on a short journey though the eyes of Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle), the series' protagonist. The moody and glossy clip shows Shadow being released from jail, and learning his wife Laura (Emily Browning) is dead and then being recruited by Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane), who'll introduce him to a new supernatural world.

The only thing the trailer is missing to make us more excited about the series is Kristin Chenoweth -- who will be playing Easter, we learned during a surprise announcement at the panel.

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American Gods is an adaptation of the Neil Gaiman novel and will be helmed by Pushing Daisies and Hannibal creator Bryan Fuller. It centrs a war between gods from the Bible and classic mythology versus new group of gods "reflecting society's modern love of money, technology, media, celebrity and drugs."

American Gods is filming now and will premiere in 2017 on Starz.

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Shameless Mega Buzz: Is Caleb Going to Cheat on Ian?

Cameron Monaghan and Jeff Pierre, Shameless | Photo Credits: Patrick Wymore, Patrick Wymore/SHOWTIME

Ian (Cameron Monaghan) may have thought he'd found the perfect partner to help him move on from Mickey (Noel Fisher) last season on Shameless-- but our mole tells us that Caleb (Jeff Pierre) might be stepping out on the middle Gallagher brother.

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After Ian gets suspicious that Caleb is cheating, he follows him and catches him in a compromising position... with a woman, bi the way. It looks like this relationship isn't the happily-ever-after Ian was hoping for.

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