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Mega Buzz: The New Doctor Who and Sons' and Boardwalk's Final Seasons

Peter Capaldi, Charlie Hunnam, Steve Buscemi | Photo Credits: Adrian Rogers/BBC; Prashant Gupta/FX; Macall B. Polay/HBO

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What can you tell me about Twelve and Clara's dynamic on Doctor Who? — Aisha
Things will be very different between the pair now that the Doctor — to put it gently — has a few more years on him. In fact, without her schoolgirl crush influencing her, Clara begins to come into her own and be more assertive in their relationship. "I think she succeeds in dominating him, telling him what to do," Peter Capaldi teases. But don't expect him to be a total pushover. "She can only get so far with that," Capaldi says. "Then he'll turn. He often turns."

What is Juice up to when the new season of Sons of Anarchy begins? — Luke
Since he both "betrayed" Jax and killed the sheriff to protect Gemma, he's understandably keeping a low profile. Naturally, his hideout is soon discovered, which forces Juice to take even more drastic action to keep his secret safe. However, Theo Rossi says Juice may not be cowering in seclusion all season. Instead, he may turn his weakened position into an advantage. "Gemma and Juice are now completely linked with the biggest secret that's ever been held on this show," Rossi says, referring to the fact that Gemma murdered Jax's wife Tara. "What she's done and what she's hiding, there's only one other person who knows.  At that moment, Juice becomes one of the most dangerous people on the show."

I would really like some info on the final season of Boardwalk Empire. — Dan
The show's seven-year time jump between seasons unfortunately means that at least one character dies off-screen. (Darn those history books!) However, there's no shortage of mortal peril in the season premiere, which features a hit on a major player as well as an assassination that fails. Fortunately for Nucky, he's got a new bodyguard. And what he lacks as a conversationalist, he more than makes up for with his flair for humiliating those who cross him.

Can you tell me anything about the new season of Person of Interest? — Eric
Even though the "bad guys" are in control of Samaritan, executive producer Greg Plageman resists the notion that the War of the Machines is one of good vs. evil. "[Samaritan] is a machine that's going to do what it's dictated to do," he says. "It's not necessarily out to get us, it's just that we may become collateral damage in what it's goal is." That said, Plageman did confirm that guest star Cara Buono, who was seen gunning people down in the footage revealed at Comic-Con is working for Samaritan. "In the same way that Root becomes a vessel to the Machine, Samaritan has a way of tapping operatives around the world in its own unique way," he says. "Samaritan can see into people's personal lives and even detect personality disorders or certain individuals who can be coerced into doing things." Yeah, that doesn't sound evil at all!

I am desperately in need of some SVU scoop! — Karen
Have you seen this? Well, I hear that the investigation of that case will actually send Rollins back to her old stomping grounds in Atlanta. In fact, during Rollins' visit to her former precinct, viewers will meet some of her ex-colleagues, who stir up some old memories. That's almost never a good thing, right?

I can't believe there are only 13 episodes left of Parenthood! Will Julia and Joel be able to resolve their marital problems once and for all before the series finale? — Amy
Executive producer Jason Katims is cautiously optimistic about the pair's future, but he says they still have a lot of work to do. "I don't want to come back and suddenly they're fine and everything is normal again," he says. "It would be cheating the audience out of seeing what happens. While there was definitely a ray of hope there, I don't think it's resolved yet. So we'll see what we can do in 13 episodes to get them through the crisis."

Can you share anything new about Criminal Minds? — Owen
Garcia will be suffering from major PTSD after shooting the "nurse" who tried to poison Reid in the season finale. In fact, look for her to visit the incarcerated guy for closure. As for Reid, who's recovering from his gunshot, he's putting up a strong front, but keep your eyes peeled for something that suggests that not all is right with him. Just as long as it's not Dilaudid again... 

Any scoop on Castle? —Jess, via Twitter
How about some exclusive casting news? Devious Maids star Rebecca Wisocky will guest-star in the seventh season's third episode, "Clear & Present Danger." She will play Dr. Elena Sarkov, the lead scientist at a cutting-edge research lab, whom the team consults when a pool shark is murdered by a mysterious unseen force. Other details about her character are being tightly guarded, but it sounds to me like the show won't waste a lot of time getting back to its case-of-the-week structure. 

Anything juicy on Bones that isn't related to Booth being in jail? — Maggie
Although springing Booth from the pokey will take up most of the oxygen in the room in the premiere, executive producer Stephen Nathan is looking forward to introducing a new character in the FBI (played by 24's John Boyd) to challenge Booth on the outside. "He will alter how Booth does his job, and Booth and Sweets will confront him," Nathan teases. Elsewhere, look for lovebirds Cam and Arastoo, who last season met Arastoo's parents, to check off some new milestones. "They will hit those challenges that every relationship hits as they get closer and closer," Nathan says. Hmm, could this be related to all the baby talk coming out of Comic-Con?

Give me details about the Suits summer finale! — Dave
Louis might be gone from Pearson Specter, but he's most definitely not forgotten. The episode will show him trying to move on with his life and will feature not one, but two blasts from the past. And don't you worry — after what happens, he will definitely be back in the final six episodes of the season. 

Got any spoilers about Carol Burnett's return to Hawaii Five-0? — Anna
Yep! McGarrett's nutty aunt is expected to pop up again in this season's eighth episode. But when she comes back to Hawaii, she won't be alone! "She went back to L.A. to get chemotherapy, and in chemo she actually met a man," executive producer Peter Lenkov says. "They're going to have this whirlwind romance, and they're coming to Hawaii to get married because they realize both of them don't have much time left." Who should perform the service?

I still can't believe that Mike lied to Paige about Lina's death on last week's Graceland! What's next for them? — Charity
Paige is a smart girl, so it won't take long for her suspicions to become more than that. However, Paige's moment of desperation and uncertainty will drive her to seek help — and comfort — from another member of the house. Unfortunately, her (or should we say their?) actions could put Mike's investigation into Sulla and the human trafficking house into serious jeopardy.

Mega Rave: Sunday's Ray Donovan features outstanding work from Liev Schreiber, both in front of and behind the camera. (Schreiber's making his TV directorial debut.) It's worth a look, not only because nearly every character reaches a pivotal moment during a classic Donovan Family Throwdown, but also for the glorious sight of Ray finally letting loose!

Mini Rant: 
Sorry, Keanu Reeves, but if you're not doing a Bill and Ted TV show, I don't need you on my small screen.

This Week's Recommendation:  Rectify (Thursday, 9/8c, Sundance) The finale of this superbly written and acted show (which was just renewed for a third season) reaches a thrilling climax as Daniel must finally make a decision in his plea-deal meeting. It's an intense final hour that moves the plot forward in huge ways. 

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(Additional reporting by Joyce Eng, Sadie Gennis, Liz Raftery and Kate Stanhope)

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Who Earns What: TV Guide Magazine's Annual Salary Roundup of TV's Highest Paid Stars

Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting and Johnny Galecki | Photo Credits: Michael Yarish/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

The new deals for The Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, and Kaley Cuoco, which pay each $1 million per episode, make them the top-earning actors in TV Guide Magazine's annual survey of stars' salaries. But will the trio be the last to reach that seven-figure milestone?

We put the question to many of the network and studio executives and talent agents we query every year to gather the data. All are trying to make sense of how the slicing and dicing of the mass audience — now more fragmented than ever by the rise of online streaming, DVR playback, and video on demand — is changing their business. Series with just a quarter of the 20 million viewers Big Bang averaged last season are being heralded as hits and getting renewed. One network entertainment chief, asked to explain why the show was so much bigger than any other sitcom, says Big Bang, now going into its eighth season, is from "the pre-DVR era," when shows had less competition.

Yet no one says it is impossible for another Big Bang-size hit, one that commands seven-figure paydays for its leads, to come along. "We have to believe that we can do it again," says one TV comedy executive.

But for the actors to cash in, a number of factors would have to fall into place as perfectly as they did for Big Bang. "It has to be a huge, broad, wildly profitable show that is showing no signs of slowing down," says another studio executive, who notes that reaching eight seasons is rare in itself. "It also has to have a small, core cast that has been there from the beginning. The show can't have 11 series regulars, like Modern Family." Nor, the executive notes, can it be a series with a lot of "cast churn." Killing off major characters — a common practice, thanks to Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead — has become an effective way to keep salaries in line on shows with large ensemble casts.

But the rules of the game are rapidly changing, which leads another veteran executive to suggest a streaming TV service such as Netflix could be the next company to sign a $1 million paycheck for the star of one of its original series. Netflix is nearly halfway there with what it pays House of Cards star Kevin Spacey, according to the estimates of industry insiders.

The proliferation of digital scripted shows — thanks to the ramp-up of original TV production by companies like Yahoo, Hulu, and Amazon — is increasing the demand for actors. That could eventually lift their pay after years of studios and networks holding the line on talent costs. (The top starting salary for a network show is $125,000 per episode. The highest figure for cable-show leads is typically $75,000.) "[Amazon] pays really well," says Amy Landecker, costar of the online giant's new comedy Transparent. "You'd be amazed."

Also amazing: American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez will pull in $17.5 million in the show's next cycle, despite the singing competition's staggering ratings drop last season. She'll also work fewer hours. Sometimes the rich just get richer.

For more numbers, check out TV Guide Magazine's 2014 salary roundup photo gallery here.

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Desperate Housewives' Eva Longoria Books Brooklyn Nine-Nine Arc

Eva Longoria | Photo Credits: Splash

What will Carlos say about this?!

Eva Longoria, best known for playing Gaby, aka Mrs. Carlos Solis, on Desperate Housewives, is joining Brooklyn Nine-Nine this fall as a possible love interest for Jake (Andy Samberg), Fox announced Tuesday.

Fall TV: Familiar faces in new places

Longoria will appear in a three-episode arc as Sophia, a defense attorney who catches Jake's attention when she faces him in court. But will Jake act on his interest months after revealing his feelings for Amy (Melissa Fumero) in the season finale? The actress joins previously announced guest stars Kyra Sedgwick and Jenny Slate.

The arc marks Longoria's biggest role since Desperate Housewives went off the air in 2012. In addition to executive-producing Devious Maids, she most recently guest-starred on the short-lived 2013 sitcom Welcome to the Family, in which she reunited with former TV husband Ricardo Antonio Chavira.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns on Sunday, Sept. 28 at 8:30/7:30c on Fox. Do you think Longoria and Samberg will make a good match?

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